Accessing reading materials


Journal Articles:

Journal articles are not provided. Please make sure you have access to the materials before you purchase a course. You can access the materials in any of several ways:laptop2

1. If you are a SPW member (membership for new members are free for 2014), you receive a free subscription to the journal. You will receive the journal in the mail or can access the journal online via the PWQ Portal. Be sure that you have access to the volume that includes the specific article you have chosen to study.

Click here for instructions on how to activate your PWQ online subscription.

If you are not yet a member of SPW, please join by using one of the links below:
– Join as new member, online, or through the mail.
– Join as a returning member.

2. You may be able to access the journal through OpenAthens, your institution’s library, or other group arrangement. Click here to visit the PWQ Portal or the PWQ Home Page for more information.instacks

3. You can access the journal at a local university library that subscribes to the journal.

4. You can purchase the article for $30.00, subscribe, or buy years of the journal through the PWQ Portal. Click here for paid options.